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Thread: Is Reporting Servcies for OLAP??

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    Is Reporting Servcies for OLAP??


    Based on the few articles/posts that I have come across it appears to me that reporting services is probably an awesome tool for relational output in tabular format but is not for cube analysis.

    Is this assumption correct?

    I'll appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

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    Yes, you can generate reports from olap data source with reporting service.

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    As I say in many of my Reporting Services articles, the literature is weak in focusing on OLAP applications. That's why I intentionally focus the articles around OLAP in most cases.

    Take a little time and go through the articles. This will show you that, indeed, OLAP is an option for RS. In fact, most of the documentation states that it is, it simply does a poor job of showing how to write OLAP reports, hence my focus on this niche.

    An index fot my Reporting Services articles is at:



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