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Thread: How to process a partitioned cube in multiple threads

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    How to process a partitioned cube in multiple threads

    Our company is in the retail business, thus, the window for processing cubes is very small during Christmas season (only 4 hours each day).

    To speed things up, we have partitioned our cube at monthly level so, potentially, 12 threads can be run simultantsly. However, when I looked at DTS, I am not so sure whether or how it can accomplish that task. Has anyone tried this before or is aware of another third party tool can do the trick?

    thx in adcance,

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    A great reference for many topics like this, from the _MSAS_ perspective, at least, is:

    However, your question appears to be more DTS-related. Are you asking about multi-threading a DTS package? Then chances are you might want to post the question to the DTS forum, as well. Even though the Analysis Services tasks are certainly designed to deal with Analysis Services Cubes processing, etc.(the the document will show strategies for the cube processing side), threading of the packages themselves might lend itself to a post in the DTS forum, as well.

    Best of luck...


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    multi-threading a DTS package

    hi, Bill

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I am refering to multi-threading in DTS package. I have attempted to set up all 12 partition in a package in parallel (at least it appears so), when executed, it seems each partion is still executed serially. As you suggested, I will post the question to a DTS forum.

    Since I got you here, I'd like to ask you a seperate question if I may. I have followed your instruction in a previous artical on integrating Cognos and MS olap. Overall, it was a very smooth operation. However, I wasn't able to find any information on how to tune these two products to achive the optimal result. ie, is there any way to adjsut PTS cache size on PPES server, can it be done through PPES server, how to capture MDX sent from cognos to MS. I hope there is a way to do these things, but just don't know where I could obtain the information. Can you shed some lights on this?


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