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Thread: Is it possible to get a usage log of my cubes

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    Is it possible to get a usage log of my cubes


    I have managed to setup some cubes on the server, have roles defined, and users are using

    these and the results are mathcing...

    Is there a way that I can get some sort of user based usage log of the cubes andget details

    of when and what type of data did any user see/make use of?

    I'll appreciate any help in this regard.

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    Yes, Virginia ... There is a Usage Log!

    I think I have good news ... not only is the answer "yes," but I've published a very "hands-on" procedure for the rudiments, right here at Database Journal, as well as a second article that goes a bit deeper alluding to more sophisticated approaches.



    respectively. Once you've worked through the articles, come back to thee forum with any specific questions that arise.

    Good Luck!

    Bill Pearson

    MSAS Architect and Author

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    Tons of thanks Bill.

    Kindly allow me to get back to you after I have gone throughthe 2 URL's.

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