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Thread: SQL Analysis Services

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    SQL Analysis Services

    when i try to connect to my analysis server, sometimes it was failed and prompt up the error "Unable to connect Analysis Server. You might be not a member of OLAP Administrator."

    after try a few times, sometimes it will sucessfully connect to it. i can't find out the problem that cause it sometimes failed to connect. anyone can give me a help?

    Thank You!

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    I have same problem....

    ...but found a matching error description on microsoft support pages:;en-us;814414

    This article is something for you, if....
    - you can sometimes connect to olap server and sometimes not
    - you are member of the olap administrators group
    - you have installed Analysis Services SP3 or SP3a
    - the Data folder for Analysis Services is NOT located on a different computer than the computer that has Analysis Services installed.
    - you NOT remotely administer the server from Analysis Manager or from any Decision Support Objects (DSO) application that has not been upgraded to SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services Service Pack 3 or Service Pack 3a

    Perhaps this will help you.

    If not, here are other articles to similar topics:;en-us;Q307365;en-us;331925;en-us;812601;en-us;814139

    Guido Greschuchna
    Düsseldorf, Germany
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