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    Angry Report Service

    Is there a way to change color of the report by add the code and when you click the label will call the code up and change the report color (print friendly)?

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    Conditional formatting: Color

    I can think of more than one way to do this, but perhaps the easiest would be to set up conditional logic, triggered by the button / other parameter object the person pushes / selects (I hope I understood what you wish to do...).

    Color, like virtually any other format / presentation attribute, can be built to behave dependent upon an expression. Say, for example, the color of fonts in a text box, the text box background color, the color of a measure in a column, etc. This is a good way to highlight numbers that, say, fall below a given level, or otherwise call attention to an item in a report, when we code the logic into the underlying expression.

    This is a very common capability in most enterprise reporting packages. The capability to trigger formatting conditionally is more flexible in Reporting Services than in most apps of this class I have seen. I plan to present some articles on this sort of thing in the near future, so stay tuned.


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