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Thread: Tornado - SelectedItem and grid display

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    Tornado - SelectedItem and grid display


    Here's another example of something we need from Tornado. The ability to use SelectedItem and have those selected records displayed using .dbEditGridXXXFlds and .dbEditGridXXXSQL. Currently the SelectedITem function only exports data. A more powerful use would be to select records for editing purposes. What do you think?

    Maybe you have a workaround, if so, please let me know the procedure...


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    I am guessing what you mean is to pick out selected records and place them in a Grid for editing. This is definitely a mini-application by itself and does not belong to a feature. Normally, when you export something, you can use the result to setup the next operation. In this case, doesn't look trival. I'll think about it.

    One way is to make the selection the master app and then built the SQL for the slave grid edit using the select values either in the same file (preferred) or a separate file.


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