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Thread: Tornado- .dbLogin Problems w/DB

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    Tornado- .dbLogin Problems w/DB


    There appear to be problems with the .dbLogin function. First, your DB example uses .dbDSN and the dsn = parameter in the .dbLogin function. Why are both DSN's needed and what do they do?

    In the manual description you are using the [[macro]] tags for the table name and the field element [[ID]]in the SQL string, however in your DB example a [[macro]] is only used for the [[ID]] field. The description mentions that we must use "the two [[macro]] tags". Whats up with this?

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    dbDSN = Use DB
    dbLogin = "DSN=..." = Password DB.. see following code. DSN=password.mdb is the password MDB. Default=dbDSN is misleading and is rarely the case. I'll take it out in the manual. I corrected the write up in manual. Check and see whether it makes more sense. Essentially, you supply SQL as SELECT password,email from table where ID = '[[ID]]'. The '[[ID]]' will be replaced with the loginname to retrieve the password and email.

    Dim LOG2 As New tornado.z()
    With LOG2
    .dbDSN = "Nwind"
    .dbSkin = 2
    .dbTextHolder = "Title=Tornado Demo - Login - Database Style|subtitle=Use asp/db; hello/world; John Doe; Mary/Jane to login"
    .dbLogin = "Type=DB|DSN=password.mdb|SQL=SELECT password, email FROM table1 WHERE ID = '[[ID]]'|LoginTitle=Tornado Login||EmailSubject=Your Password|EmailBody=Your password/id is : [[LoginID]] / [[password]] |"
    .dbUnit = "5"
    .dbMode = "Type=Grid|sysindex=true"
    .dbExportFlds = "0,1"
    .dbSQL = "Select * From Orders"
    End With

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