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Thread: Tornado-textcalendar error

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    Tornado-textcalendar error


    What is causing the textcalendar to error out. The browsers error code is

    The textcalendar works in your sample code, running on my server. The textcalendar was working in my application, but obviously has stopped.

    What's going on here?


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    Sample code works and your code does not work? Then start with the one that works and go from there. This example code I have works ->

    <script language="vb" runat="server">
    Sub Page_Load(Source as Object, E as EventArgs)
    Dim Fadv1 As New Tornado.Z()
    With Fadv1
    .dbQP="U=1|M=dh|gdf=0|fhf=0|Ps=12|D=Nwind|Q=Orders |Th=ti=Filter Demo"
    .dbCalendar="Excludedates(0)=12/26/2001|12/27/2001| Weeknumbers=true| buttonimage=/tornado/images-net/calendar_new1.gif"
    .dbFilterFlds = "fie=CustomerID|typ=SelectBox+BN|val=CUID|tex=CMPN AME|not=Pick a Customer,fie=EmployeeID|typ=ROFilter|def=4|key=EMP ID|loo=FULLNAME|not=Pick an Employee,fie=OrderDate|typ=TEXTCALENDAR|tag=SIZE=3 0|not=Select an Order Date"
    .dbNavigationItem = "top,prev,bottom,next,filter,resetfilter"
    dim s as string = "in=EMPID,FULLNAME|sql=SELECT DISTINCTROW Employees.EmployeeID, FirstName & ' ' & LastName AS FullName FROM Employees;"
    s &= "ind=SHIPID,SHIPNAME|sql=SELECT DISTINCTROW ShipperID,CompanyName FROM Shippers;"
    .dbCommonTables = s & "index=CUID,CMPNAME|sql=SELECT DISTINCTROW CustomerID,CompanyName FROM Customers"
    .dbLookUpFlds = "fie=1|key=CUID|loo=CMPNAME,fie=2|key=EMPID|loo=FU LLNAME,field=6|keyindex=SHIPIDLookupindex=SHIPNAME "
    .dbNameMap="fie=1|alias=Customer Name, fie=2|alias=Employee Name"
    .dbButtonsOnOff = "filterdroptoggle=true"
    .dbFilterSQL = "Select * From Orders where [[Filter]]"
    .dbFilterNotes = True
    End With
    End Sub


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