Hi all,

Using FoodMart 2000, I have a calculated set formed of two quarters in 1997 and I put that on rows. For each row I want to calculate how months are in that row. (In this example I know the answer is 3, because all quarters have all months, but my other cube does not have all months in each quarter)
What I get back is 6 instead of 3. When I change the MEMBER definiton to be like [Time_Selection].CurrentMember or if I use Current I get #ERR as the result.

Any ideas for a workaround?



SET [Time_Selection] AS '{[Time].[1997].[Q1],[Time].[1997].[Q2]}'
MEMBER [Measures].[Months_In_Quarter] as 'Count( Descendants( [Time_Selection],[Time].[Month],SELF ))'

{[Measures].[unit sales],[Measures].[Months_In_Quarter]} on columns,
{[Time_Selection]} on rows