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Thread: access + windows97+couldfusion??

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    access + windows97+couldfusion??

    Hi all:
    the enviroment are windows97 + windows2000, they would like have an interface to let the search staffs name, telephone, email .... easy.
    what is the best way to do that?

    1) first I want to use coldfusion, is ok to connect Ms sql 2000 to coldfusion by OLEDB, how can I deal with access. if use ODBC instead what problem will have?
    2)somebody say they can only use access to let the job down(table as back end and form as fore end , is that posible)
    3) other batter way, like asp??
    Thank you
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    cf process

    not sure what you're asking but hopefully this helps:

    1. create your access .mdb file
    2. go to cfadmin and create a Datasource, have it point to your access .mdb file. give it a datasource name (ie: mydatabase).
    3. In Application.cfm you can set a variable like #request.dsn# to "mydatabase"
    4. in your coldfusion code you simply use that datasource name in your cfquery like this:

    <cfquery name="getData" datasource="#request.dsn#">
    select * from table
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