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Thread: Lookup fields in Queries

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    Question Lookup fields in Queries

    I have a lookup field in a table, and I'm trying to do a query. The query displays the record of the lookup field. How can I change the record to the name that is associated with that record.

    UserID is the Lookup Field

    UserID 34
    First Name John
    Last Name Doe


    display for record 34
    John Doe
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    If I'm reading you right, and you want it to display John Doe in one column thats quite easy actually. Simply put in a new column with the following in the first row:

    FullName: [TableName].[First Name] & " " & [TableName.[Last Name]

    That SHOULD work ... but then again we SHOULD have mourned the loss of one of the BeeGees back in the 80's ....

    Let me know if it works for ya.


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