Based on developer feedback on the Professional version of lgxReportDev the Enterprise version has been released as an affordable alternative to the usual options for an Enterprise reporting solution. LgxReportDev Enterprise includes a number of new features and available add-on modules including:

New Features include:
Report Caching: Caching the report can be triggered by the first request or can be scheduled. The cache can be expired periodically or at a specific time.
Enhanced Web Services: The new version of lgxReportDev comes with a number of wizards and samples that invoke Web Services as the data source.
On-demand Sub-report: When you use "on-demand" sub-reports, the report will wait for users' request to calculate and retrieve the sub-report. This feature enormously enhances the performance for interactive type of reports.
Element/Field-Level Security: Any element of the report (including all fields and columns) can be assigned to a "security right". In such a case the same report can change the content and/or behavior based on the roles/user. LgxReportDev doesn't dictate any security structure and allows users to work with NT, session-based and table-driven types of security models.
Record-level Security: Dynamic filtering allows the developers to change the filter criteria based on either security or other parameters.

Additional Modules available for lgxReportDev Enterprise include:

LGX Scheduler - Reports can be scheduled. It will include executing, exporting and publishing the report.
LGX Ad Hoc Report Builder - True end-users can use a browser to create, store and modify their own reports in this web-based application.
LGX Report Manager This .NET based application allows for report documents to be managed, shared, and stored.

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