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    Cool SQL Server Sizing


    My name is Marc Decoster and I am actually facing a serious problem. I have to do an estimate about a new accountancy program. My company has about 400 Accountants doing accounting for external clients. Now they would like to have a centralized implementation of a software called Cubic Pro.
    The estimate is that the total number of accountant files (databases) is 4000
    My question, how do I size my SQL Servers, how many databases can SQL Server 2000 handle. Every database is about 200 MB in size.
    Are there limitations on how many dB's SQL Server 2000 supports?

    Thanks in advance


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    SQL Server supports 32,000+ databases per instance, but it will be unpractical to manage a large number of databases in one server.

    For example if you have reboot the server you will have to inform all the clients.

    You should be able to find the exact figure in ms site.

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    Thanks, for the reply. I was tended to use 3 dedicated Quad Processor servers for these dB's. I think this should be efficient. I only will have to decide what amount and which version of SQL 2000 I am going to use.

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