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Thread: "Spinning" icon in MS Transaction Server

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    "Spinning" icon in MS Transaction Server

    It appears when a "bad" stored procedure gets called our CPU usage pegs and the ASP.DB icon in the MS Transaction Server>Components "spins".

    Has anyone dealt with an out-of-control ASPDB session? I usuaually have to "Shut Down Server Processes" to get it to stop.

    mtx.exe shows up as the culprit of the CPU utilization.


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    This is a normal behavior of ASP and not particular to ASP-db. You can set the various timeouts to control that. However, if you find a certain condition of "ASP-db" caused that, report that and we'll fix it. I fyou can reproduce the problem, there is a good chance that you get some good advise here. My advise at this point is to move to Tornado, it is much more stable and controllable.


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