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Thread: problem with aggregate functions..

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    Question problem with aggregate functions..

    I really donít know how to solve this...

    How do I get the Chemclass which contains the largest number of antibiotics ?

    relations given:
    Antibiotic (AntibioticID, Name, SubclassID)
    Subclass (SubclassID, Name, ChemclassID)
    probably not needed, but given: Chemclass(ChemclassID, Name)

    Many thanks in advance for any suggestion !

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    If I'm understanding your request correctly, the chemclass that contains the largest number of antibiotics will have the most rows in the subclass table. In that case:

    select chemclassID from subclass
    group by chemclassID
    having count(chemclassID) =
    select max(amt) from
    select chemclassID, count(chemclassID) as amt
    from subclass
    group by chemclassID) as t2

    Let me know if this helps,


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