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Thread: update query with 2 tables

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    update query with 2 tables

    please can someone help

    i have two tables with info in
    is it possible to update a record in one table with a record from anoher table

    this is the code to do it in MS Access

    UPDATE tblPromo, tblCurrentUser
    SET tblPromo.PromoOperator = [UserName]
    WHERE (((tblPromo.PromoOperator) Is Null));

    i want to get the username from the tblcurrentuser and put it in Promooperator in tblPromo where PromoOperator is null

    hope someone can undesrtand me and help

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    I think the missing link here is join information between the two tables tblCurrentUser and tblPromo.

    perhaps this might work (if you file in the gaps):

    update tblPromo
    set tblPromo.PromoOperator = tblCurrentUser.UserName
    from tblPromo
    join tblCurrentUser
    on tblPromo.<pkid?> = tblCurrentUser.<fkid?>
    where tblPromoOperator is null

    I have assumed the tables are joined via pk and fk, but so long as a valid join and be made the join method should be valid.

    Cheers sduggan...

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    thanx 4 ur help ill give it a try

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