I developed an aplication in Power Builder 8.0 with COM components on the server (remote components).

Problem: I can connect to the machine but I canīt access to the methods, in this case the method teste_msg.

Client machine:

An Active x window (type = child) with the code:

integer li_rc
oleobject nvuo_remote_obj

nvuo_remote_obj = CREATE oleobject

li_rc = nvuo_remote_obj.connecttonewremoteobject ("", "clsid6AC526C-CBA4-453C-A849-4872660D646A&#34

if li_rc < 0 then
st_1.text = &#34;Fail&#34;
st_1.text = &#34;Right&#34;
end if

st_2.text = nvuo_remote_obj.teste_msg(&#34;primeira frase &#34

Server side:

I created a component in Power Builder who was trasfered to the server. In the server was created a proxy application to be
installed in the cliente machine.

On the cliente machine when i&#39;m trying to access to the methods:

PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0032)

Error: Name not found calling exterbal object function teste_msg
at line 18 in clicked event of object cb_1 of w_novo_ocx