Subject: Setting up Ms sql mail and Ms sql Agent so I can send/ receive mail and utilize pager notifications

hi, it seem that I need to have a MAPI( some kind of email software I guess)correct me if I am wrong, in order to use sql mail.
Here what I did ,

1. I created a domain name account for Mssql server services
2. I created a domain name account for Sql server Agent services

I guess In order to use MS sql I need to install a client email. so I can choose either (1)MS exchange server or (2) Ms window NT mail or (3) a post office protocol 3 (POP3) server

WHERE can I get a client email and which one is the easiest to set up

After to install the email client, I guess I need to create the following:
1. a post office connection
2. a mail store (mailbox)
3. a mail profile
4. a Ms windows NT domain user account to log in to Ms sql server

One more question. In order to use pager notification from ms sql agent, Do I need to have a third party pager-to email software.
What I am trying to do is to set up SQL mail and pager notification to work and I really do not know how. I do apprecite your help.If anyone has done such set up , please send me some guide lines,advice and feedback.