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Thread: Difficulty FTPing mdb files because file is `busy`

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    Rodney Myers Guest

    Difficulty FTPing mdb files because file is `busy`

    We have a database of jobs in pharmaceutical and related industries at :


    When my client goes to FTP his updated mdb file he is prevented from making the transmission.
    There is no error message, in fact CuteFTP behaves as if the transfer was made, but clears the action so quickly you know
    immediately that no 500MB files has been uploaded.

    I added

    MyDb.dbOptions = "CloseConnection=true"

    on Mark H`s advice, but the problem persists, and the .ldb file is often apparent in the remote window. I have not managed to
    get the client to observe reliably whether the problem ever occurs when no .ldb is showing. He, for his part, was fed up having
    to FTP in the small hours of the morning!

    BTW, if using ASPdbPro to add records online (we have just ordered the upgrade), is there a similar danger of the file being
    locked, and appending of new records prevented?

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    John Guest

    Difficulty FTPing mdb files because file is `busy` (reply)

    Hi Rodney,

    Not sure why the "close connection" isn`t working... A simple quick fix would
    be to upload your MDB under a different name (i.e. mydatabase2.mdb) and then just switch the name in your .ASP file to point to it. Then, when no one is using it (old mdb) anymore and all the "sessions" have expired, you`ll be able to delete the original. Frank says the default is closeconnection=true unless it`s set to false.

    This "ping pong" method has the added benefit that no-one gets dropped while you`re putting the new file up there.

    Just thought of another reason it could be seeming to be always open. If ANYONE has it open, then you won`t be able to overwrite it. Maybe you just didn`t wait until usage was at zero? (Another reason for using the ping-pong technique).

    Finally, no, you won`t have any problems with Pro. It`s designed for multi-user access so it should work fine.

    Take care,

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