Ive posted previously some e-mails commenting about
executing script with loop (from date start to date end, day by day).

This script executes for each loop balance calculations
(20K balances for each day processed) - table contains around 900K rows.
Each row is very wide - (almost 600 bytes).

This script is being aborted without by itself, NOT HAVING REACHED
loop exit condition.

Ive suspected that DBs could be corrupted - so runned DBCCs
(checkdb, newalloc, checkcatalog and updateusage(0) ).
But this script is still being aborted weirdly with no error message.

This is strange - previously, Ive managed to execute a similar loop script
(120 days to calculate) that created narrower rows of balances with any
kind of undesired abort.

Is there anyone that has idea of what can be behind this scene?
Please, if you have any idea, drop me your e-mail.