I`m running NT 4.0 SP3 and SQL 6.5 and SP4. Several days ago, my database seemed to be locked up. I was still getting error log entries
error 17832 `Unable to read login packets`, and then the exceeeded maximum number user connections message. I stopped SQL Executive
and SQL Server; however, the `net stop` would not complete, and sqlservr.exe was alternately jumping from 0% to 100% CPU usage. After, waiting
15 minutes, I kill sqlservr.exe. Restarted in single user mode, recovered OK, ran DBCC checkdb`s on master, msdb and my database,
and got clean reports. And restarted in regular production mode.

Ever since then sqlservr.exe frequently Dr. Watson`s (actually sqlservr.DBG) with exception 0x80000001 and address 0053d062. I`ve downgraded
my service pack to SP3, that didn`t work. I`ve reinstalled SQL 6.5, and then reapplied SP3, using the same master.dat file, with no success.
And, I`ve done things like deconfiguring the SQL Mail, stopped SNMP, and always doing DBCC checkdb`s on master, msdb,
and my database; all with no success.

Help! Does anyone have any ideas as to what`s going on and what I can do?

The only quirky thing that I`m seeing is in Setup. With the SQL services down, I run Setup and enter `Set Server Options`. The form always
fills the configured values very slowly. I think these values are only registry entries, yet Setup is always slow to retrieve them. I don`t have the
same problem in regedt32.exe.