Hello everyone,
Having a problem here that I hope someone can help with.

I am replicating a couple of databases to a remote MS SQL Server (6.5) from a MS SQL Server (6.5)
and need to replicate parts of the same two databases back here. I have installed publishing on both
machines and have the replication working fine to the remote site. The problem is that when I go
setup the publications no tables are listed in the "Articles for publication" area under "Database
tables." I am aware that you need primary keys w/unique values for a table to show up. I have
checked that and all the tables meet that requirement. Also of note, other databases on the same
remote server show their tables perfectly fine if I try to set up articles for them the only difference
seems to be that these other databases aren`t subscribing to any articals from any other servers.
I have tried removing the subscription to the tables in question and they still do not show up.
Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated.

Levi Akers