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Thread: How to recover data from a corrupt mdf file

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    Satish Rotella Guest

    How to recover data from a corrupt mdf file

    Hi All,
    By mistake i delete database from sql server. Due to which the the mdf and ldf file of the datbase are removed from my system. Then i used file recover utility and retrived my mdf and ldf files.But now i am not able to attach those files into databse. These mdf and ldf files has been corrupted. Now how can i recover my data from those mdf and ldf files.Please answer me if you have any solution on this problem.

    Satish Rotella

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    Which utility did you use to recover the deleted files? You can try an MDF recovery tool to recover your data from corrupted MDF files. A wide range of third-party tools are available in the market. You can try any one of them.

    I can recommend you SysInfoTools MS SQL Database Recovery tool here. It will help you repair your corrupted MDF files and recover your data from the files.

    Try its free demo version before buying the tool. You can see the preview of recovered before the actual recovery.

    To know more about this tool and to download its free demo version, you may visit:


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