Hello all,

Was looking for some help and stumbled upon this site. Hoping someone may help what I feel seems like a simple question but is baffling me big time :/

I have the following example table:

GRN / location / time
1 / C / 12:00:00
2 / B / 11:00:00
1 / A / 13:00:00

(Sorry, i cant get the thing to format properly . Hope it is self explanatory?)

I would love to return, in a query, just the GRN & pallet but only the latest pallet letter based on time. Not easy to explain but hopefully it will make sense with my expected results below:

GRN Pallet
1 A
2 B

The reason for GRN to have pallet A is because that was at 13:00:00 which is after pallet C at 12:00:00. I hope the question makes sense and someone can help point me in the right direction as I am stumped.

Many thanks in advance, Alan.