Is it possible to add extra rows in a Matrix containing blank data?
The row group is filled from a dataset (which is filled by stored proc). e.g the row group expression is: =Fields!type.Value
My problem is the Type can be 'A','B' or 'C' in any combination eg. some rows only have 'A' and 'C'. However the user wants a consistent look to report so he wants to see rows for 'A','B' and 'C' regardless if they contain any data. But when I force extra rows in stored procedure they are not being displayed because they do not match other criteria of report eg. Year, Department etc. I am trying to modify the proc with Full Joins to include extra rows but it's getting fairly messy.
Is there an easier way to check if =Fields!type.Value contains 'A','B' and 'C' and if not add the missing ones?
Thanks in advance