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    NameMap Header tags

    When ASP-db is switched to ASP-db.net, Css is used and the namemap tags effect is lost as styles are usually done in Css. However, modifying the styles are not easy to keep track and we have re-activated the dbNameMap tags to allow user to place tags there. One very obvious usage is to fix the grid and form widths to eliminate the 'bouncing' effect of the display upon paging. That is, when the cell widths are different in different pages, the table will change in width to accommodate that. Download the March DLL to experience the new fix. The following code illustrate how to use the name map to make the dual horiz grid display stable ->

    Dim x As New Tornado.z
    x.dbQP = "U=8| D=NWIND| S=1| Q=ORDERS| M=ty=both!indexfld=0|gdf=0,1|fmhf=0,1| th=tit=Northwind"
    x.dbFormMagicCell = "fi=2|Mac=#2#|Tag=width='300'"
    x.dbFormNameMap = "fi=2|Tag=width='123'"
    x.dbNameMap = "fi=0|Tag=width='99',fi=1|Tag=width='98'"

    Another better way to control long text fields is to use the TEXTAREA in the macro. Example -

    mag &= "fi=Title|Mac=<TEXTAREA COLS=40 ROWS=4>#Title#</TEXTAREA>"

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