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Thread: MDX Time Issue

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    MDX Time Issue

    Hi, I have a fairly simple cube (in SSAS2005) containing measures for revenue and margin, dimensions for brands, Sku, time, etc. I need to calculate current Year YTD revenue as a factor of the total revenue from all periods in the previous year. E.g.

    Revenue Nov 2008 YTD = 1,500,000
    Revenue Nov 2007 Prior YTD = 1,250,000
    Revenue All periods Prior Year (Nov 2007 > Oct 2008) = 18,500,000

    Result = 8.1%

    Is this possible without having to "hard code" years into the MDX?

    Thanks in advance. . .

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    Did You Try the MDX Date Functions?

    It seems to me (unless I miss the question significantly) that the YTD(), Parallel(), and other specialized MDX date functions would deliver this without too much trouble.

    If you get a chance, take a look at the articles of my MDX Essentials series


    where I do myriad examples of this sort. If you hit a specific obstacle, let me know and we'll work it from there.



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