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Thread: How to Install Classic ASP-db in WS2008

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    How to Install Classic ASP-db in WS2008

    The following is the procedures to install classic ASP-db in Windows Server 2008 (32 and 64 bits)

    • Register component using Component Services.
    • In the component properties (Balls) like ‘ASP.DB’, ‘ASP.Dlist’ … etc. Get into the property of each one (or Ctrl-A) and perform the following -
    • Uncheck the ‘Enable Object Construction’ checkbox in the Activation Tab.
    • Check the ‘Allow IIS intrinsic properties’ checkbox.

    64 bits notes
    * Do the above.
    * Setting the 32-bit application switch in the Application Pool has no effect in our test. DLL worked either way.
    * 64-bit O/S does not allow the system32 directory to be touched. This has been fixed and user should use the second default or specify the exact path.
    * You can request the fix if your maintenance is current. The fixed version will be sent in the next release.
    * All old code worked well in our test with the 64-bit 2008 server.


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    A note about 64 bit WS2008 development - A lot of 64 bit components are missing when attempting to compile the code in VS2008 64-bit targeting x64. When Any CPU is targeted, the compile was good. So, we'll still furnish the Any CPU version instead of the 64-bit version.


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