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Thread: Regarding LOG File error in MS-SQL 2K

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    Regarding LOG File error in MS-SQL 2K

    Hi All,
    I was trying to copy a table with data from 1 db to another in MS-SQL 2K.
    However performing the same, I got following error

    "The log file for database 'CoreDBTemp' is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space."

    Kindly let me know that what I need to do in this situation? I searched on internet about the same however unable to catch exactly what I need to do?
    What steps do I need to take in this case?

    Thanks in advance.


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    One of these errors (followed by fix info) has occurred:

    1. The log file of the destination database is full and is set to not expand any further.

    a. Increase the log file's allowable size and set it to expand automatically

    b. Or increase the log file's allowable size and expand it manually

    c. Or backup and truncate the log file to free up some space.

    2. The log file is set to expand automatically, but expanding it by the configured amount will still not be anough free space.

    a. Expand the size of the log file manually.

    3. The disk that the log file is on is out of drive space.

    a. Free up some space on the drive.

    b. Or add a file to the log file on another drive that has space available.

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