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Thread: Addition of records in a one to many relationship

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    Addition of records in a one to many relationship


    We have 2 MS-SQL tables in a one to many relationship. During an INSERT operation we need to develop an input screen which would allow the INSERTing of one record to satisfy the one relationship and concurrently enter the records required to satify the many relationship on the same screen if possible. Another possibility would be to use a popup window, called from a custom botton, containing a screen to allow the addition of the multiple records for the many relationship. Is this type of operation possible using Tornado?

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    Need to work with a simple example. Make one up or use NWIND if possible. Overall, if you are asking for editing multiple tables, there is an example in the manual (Edit). If thisis not the case then make th ecase more clear. YOur description is an application and Tornado shoudl be more than capable to do it.


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