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Thread: Event ID 17052, Error: 9002, 17:2 SQL 7.0

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    Unhappy Event ID 17052, Error: 9002, 17:2 SQL 7.0

    I am receiving the following error and do not know how to correct this. Please help!

    Event ID: 17052
    Error: 9002
    Severity: 17
    State: 2
    The log file for database ' ' is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space.

    The problem is that someone before me installed this on the C:\ drive and we now only have 64meg left on the C:\ drive.

    Help! Thanks!

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    1. CHECKPOINT on the database

    2.take backup of tranlog to a different drive
    BACKUP LOG databasename with no_log
    3. dbcc shrinkfile on the log file

    4. ALTER DATABASE to add new log file to a different drive

    5. DBCC SHRINK file with EMPTY file on the c:\log file.

    6. ALTER database with REMOVE file
    c:\log file

    Refer BOL for the syntax of all the above commands.

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