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    Unhappy Linking Website to MySQL database

    I am currently trying to complete part of my A-level coursework but am stuck.

    i am creating a website for a restaurant on which customers can submit information to do with four areas:
    Job Applications

    i have used access alot in the past and had no problems creating a running model of my final database.

    i have built my website and created the four tables in the alloted MySQL area that came with my website package.


    how do i create the interface for people to submit data and for it to be sent to my database?

    i am a complete beginner to MySQL using it for the first time this week so im not sure what i need to do in the slightest to solve this issue


    any help or advice would be VERY VERY gratefull

    i am using php with MySQL

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    You'll have to write a php based website that inserts the data in the database.

    PHP offers many functions for accessing (MySQL) Databases. You can find the documentation here:

    To let the user input the data, use HTML forms.

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    Here is a simple outline that I use to build a web interface to a MySQL database using PHP.

    1) create the database

    2) create a HTML form to capture data elements with *.php extension, <FORM ACTION="add_xx.php" METHOD="post"> to pass VALUEs for processing, form field NAME= should be same as database field names

    3) add_xx.php = process VALUEs from form input, check for empty required fields, make connection to MySQL database using web2_connect() function found in xx_db2.inc an include file with user permissions to add to database.

    //be sure to addslashes() to data
    $field1 = addslashes($field1);
    $field2 = addslashes($field2);

    //include connection code
    include ("../include/xx_db2.inc");

    //call connection function
    or exit ();

    Include file is outside the web directory structure.
    # xx_db2.inc
    # functions to connect to database

    # connect with webuser2 who has select, insert, delete, update privileges
    function web2_connect ()
    $db = @mysql_pconnect("localhost", "your_user_here", "your_password_here");
    if ($db && mysql_select_db("your_database_here"))
    return ($db);
    echo "<P>Error: Could not login to server. Please try again later.<P>";
    return (FALSE);
    After connecting then INSERT data:

    //data inserted needs to be in the same order that the fields are in the database - use describe to get field order

    $query = "insert into your_database_here values
    ('".$field1."', '".$field2."', '".$field3."', '".$field4."')";

    $result = mysql_query($query);

    //test result and report success
    if ($result)
    echo "Success: ".mysql_affected_rows()." entry inserted into database.";
    //end of add_xx.php

    4) create user interface to view all entires in Table format with link to Edit or Delete entry: display_xx.php

    5) create HTML form to Edit entry: edit_xx.php

    6) create PHP to Update record after Edits: upd_xx.php

    Seems like alot but once you have a working structure it is very easy to duplicate for another application.

    If you want a complete template let me know and I'll put one together for you and post it here.

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