I noticed that it Programming Example B4 (link from main aspdb page), it is impossible to sort by a particular field once you have filtered it from the form on the left. ASPdb doesn't appear to "remember" that it was just filtered on the left and freaks out.

Is there a workaround for this?

Also I'm having a similar problem... I have a dropdown box on one of my aspdb forms. If you change a value (say city) from the dropdown box, it reloads the page adding the WHERE city = ' (Request.Querystring("City&#34 '. This works OK with doing a dbReset, the problem is that if I try to use any of the nav buttons aspdb goes back to the same page. If I don't do a dbReset stuff just gets messy. I'm getting around this now by setting my rows=1000 so the user doesn't have to use the nav buttons. I want to use aspdb without the built in filter screen and do my filtering by appending "where" statements but aspdb doesn't seem to happy about operating this way.

Any solutions out there? Please cc: via email if possible.

Thanks a million!