To all SQL gurus,

I am looking for a commercial level NT/SQL/ASP/ODBC user or organization to help beta test a new ASP component. This component will carry over the characteristics of the aspDBView and aspDBPro product plus the following -

* Arrange/Organize "all" SPs of an SQL datasource for pick and choose execution.
* Multiple recordsets return.
* Variables return.
* User controllable Blank RS removal.
* No return option (ADO 2.0)
* Font attributes control.
* Parameters input with dropdowns.
* Dropdowns on/off toggle.
* Very very few lines of code.

It is my intention to qualify the development by solving a good size commercial problem involving Store Procedures execution in a WEB environment. To gain a rough idea in how it works, please check out The aspdbPRO product does support SP but only in a single RS return against a single SP.

If interested, please contact me via E-mail.